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Family Details for Thomas Hendy

Descendants of Isaac Bushell from Tormarton, Gls. - includes later family members in Tytherington, Didmarton, Mangotsfield & St George Bristol.

Generation Number
Generation No 5
Family -Member
16. THOMAS WILLIAM5 HENDY (THOMAS4, FRANCIS3 BUSHELL, CHRISTIANA2, ISAAC1) was born 1852 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng, and died Unknown.
He married ELIZA JANE HAWKINS 19 August 1876 in Tormarton. She was born 1852 in Manningford, Wil, Eng, and died Unknown. 

i. FLORENCE MARY6 HENDY, b. 1877, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. WALTER WILLIAM HENDY, b. 1878, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.
iii. SIDNEY JAMES HENDY, b. 1881, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.
iv. HENRY HENDY, b. 1885, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.
v. FANELLA HENDY, b. 1890, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. November 1891, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.  

Census Details

More Photos & Notes
  Christiana Bushell b 1754 John Hendy b 1817
  Francis Bushell b 1876 Thomas Hendy b 1822
  Thomas Hendy b 1795 James Hendy b 1839
  William Hendy b 1812 Louisa Hendy b 1850
  Albert Hendy b 1855 Thomas Hendy b 1852
  Elizabeth Hendy b 1814 Lewin Hendy b1854
  Thomas Hendy b 1817 Hannah Hendy b 1860