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Tormarton, West Littleton, Dyrham & Hinton Families

From research at Bristol Record Office - Parish Registers - Census returns

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Alway Cottrell Hopkins Neale Sims
Ball Dancey Hurcom Orchard Sloper
Benjamin Davis Huff Pitman Strange
Blake Edwards Isaac Pruett Young
Bodman Frankcomb Jeffries Reed  
Bond Fry Kinson Russell  
Bowman Gale Knee Salmon  
Bushell Hall Lewis Selman  
Clark Hendy Milward Shellard  
Cook Hook Mustoe Silverthorne  
On this site you will find details of many of the families who lived in Tormarton, West Littleton, Hinton and Dyrham and other surrounding villages. Many of the families featured here are in my family tree. Some of them are direct relations, others are linked through marriage. Other families not directly related but key members of those villages have been included as well.
This has come from a combination of my own research at Bristol Record Office, searching the net and meeting family members. I have found several sites with Tormarton links and 'borrowed' the data . Where possible I have contacted the web site creators, but sometimes e-mails have not been replied.
The data here is my research, so be warned that with no one to check my information there may well be errors. Always check any information you see here. I have made some guesses on some family links.